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  • Return - Exchange - Refund
    You can find all information about returns » here.
  • Shipping: How long does shipping take?
    We ship the same or next business day depending on when the order is received. You can find details about shipping times to different countries » here
  • Payment methods: Which payment methods do you offer?
    You can find details on the offered payment methods » here
  • How are your products engraved?
    We use a professional laser device from Trotec to engrave our leather accessories.The Speedy 100 is a laser device for engraving and cutting. It is equipped with a CO2 laser source,making it suitable for processing many different materials and delivering the best quality.Acrylic - foils - glass - rubber - wood - plastic - leather - paper - foam - stone - textilesWe also process individual inquiries, please contact us via our » contact form.
  • I would like to have my product engraved later, is that possible? "
    No problem - just visit us at the » COWstyle Store in Graz and we will happily engrave your product.If you don't live nearby, you can also send us the product. Please contact us via our » contact form.
  • Which materials are used?
    Our products are made of high quality cowhide and stainless steel 316. The cowhide is gently tanned and is therefore extremely kind to the skin. In contrast to materials containing nickel, the high-quality 316 stainless steel is also ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Can I go in the water with my accessory?
    As with all leather products, we recommend avoiding contact with water for our bracelets, necklaces and wallets, as the leather will sooner or later be affected. The accessories should therefore be removed before swimming, bathing or showering. Splashing water, such as when washing hands, should generally not be a problem.
  • What is the best way to care for my product?
    For the care of our leather products, we recommend the use of commercially available leather care products. However, many of our customers prefer a certain "used look" for the products and refrain from using care products.
  • Repairs - spare parts - shutter
    You are welcome to reorder spare parts such as closures.Please send us a message via our » contact form
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